Meet, create experience and sell

The new Cloud Software for Self Storage

Innovate your business!

Increase your point of presence with unmanned branches

Remote management without losing the warmth of human relationship.
Just a single remote team for all your sites!

Have you seen what you can do with meetmax?

1. Welcome and surely identify your customers

2. Engage and provide information through video communication

3. Share documents and applications in real time: storage spaces, contracts insurance documents and more

4. Video record the contract acceptance

5. Manage documents remotely

6. Online control your devices without need of integration: printer, payment devices, locker for delivery of padlocks, keys and any objects

Imagine your new unmanned
self storage branches

The images are for illustrative purposes. MeetMax only provides the software.


  • MeetMax software requires
    no hardware installation
  • All you need is a device connected to internet
  • Compatible with tablets, smartphones
    and any other device
  • Digital and automatic archiving
    of video recorded contracts
  • Process security guaranteed

Meetmax connects to the device you want and it is ready for use!

Video record and archive contracts acceptance

case of success

Casaforte Self Storage is the company leader in Italy in self storage market that has chosen to innovate its business through the remote management of seven unmanned branches in Italy and abroad.
The solution allows to contact a human operator in live video call, to stipulate contracts thanks to digital signature tools, to scan documents, to make the payment, and to deliver badges and padlocks through a remotely controlled locker.


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