meet, create experience & sell

The customer experience you needed: engage, involve and sell

From offices open to the public to smaller branches, from information points to sales corners, from video reception to multi-service touchpoints.

Welcome to the future of the customer experience!

Increase your presence in the area or enhance your customer relationships and sales points, reducing costs and simplifying processes by offering remote support.


Add a digital end-to-end process to your strategy to manage all your customers remotely.

All the advantages of choosing VideoWit


Extend service
days and hours

Up to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, weekdays and holidays included.


Sell complex products and services

Easily and remotely.


Increase the number of touchpoints

Maximise the efficiency of your staff.

CasaForte also chose
to innovate
with intoowit!

Watch the video!


A cloud software solution to manage everything remotely: intuitive, flexible, complete.

Intoowit’s cloud-based collaboration platform allows video operators to assist users remotely through video communication using service and device client control systems.

Who provides the service?
Your choice: outsourcing or personnel from your company.

If you choose the all-inclusive deal, we will take care of managing the service: with Phonetica’s teams of video specialists, the specialized contact centre of the INGO Group. If you prefer using your staff to manage the service or want to outsource the task, no problem, it will still be simple to manage everything.

Choose a genuine product:
patented and designed to offer maximum protection for your company.

Great innovations are often born from a simple idea. For example, that of creating long-distance relationships between people where distance is not a problem but, rather, it makes it advantageous to manage them better and optimise costs. This is how Intoowit’s video connection systems were designed, developed and patented.


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