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Intoowit is a vendor & technology solution provider belonging to the INGO Group which simplifies and improves customer relationship processes through technology. From the creation of new touch-screen information points dedicated to the customer experience to the development of new customisable IoT devices.

Streamline processes, improve relationships and allow people in particular to work better in a simple and easy way. This is our philosophy when we develop our innovative solutions and integrate the best technologies into tailor-made projects.

Patented solutions
in USA and EU.

20 years of expertise gained through R&D

Maximum flexibility and integration



INGO Group provides high quality services for the innovative management of processes. Thanks to highly specialised staff with different skills, each company of the INGO Group is able to provide value in customer relationships.

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We use technology to improve the future of people.


In an age when customers are becoming increasingly demanding, aware and busy, Intoowit is able to provide products and services customisable according to specific needs.

Christian Orlandi – C.O.O. Intoowit

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